Network software upgrades scheduled

Our hardware vendor has provided a recent software upgrade that dramatically improves security, performance and timing of our network radio’s.

Over the past few days our automated system has been randomly upgrading customer radio’s and some of our customers may have been experiencing minor outages of 3 minutes or less as the system randomly upgraded customer equipment.

Tonight beginning at midnight I will be performing upgrades to our backbone networks in Florida and New York. This will cause 3 to 6 minute outages per site upgraded. These outages are caused as each backbone radio upgrades and then reboots to activate the new software. Below I will list the estimated time and date of the upgrades.

Florida – Oct 15th starting at 11:59pm / estimated completion Oct 16th by 2am

New York – Oct 16th starting at 2am / estimated completion Oct 16th by 4am


New streaming internet TV service affiliation

CBN is proud to inform our community that we are finalizing affiliation with an online streaming service to provide streaming video and TV service. We are working with TKO.TV, a provider of over 3500 online streaming local TV and movie channels. As of this notification we are a referral agreement and only refer customers to the service, however we are working on becoming a reseller and plan to provide service billing and first level support in the future.

The service is provided today by downloading an app to your Firestick or other Google video device. TKO provides online video directions for how to download the app on their members only site. You will become a member and be provided access as soon as you go online and sign up for either their 48 hour free trial or subscribe to their service for $25.99 per month (be sure you mention referred by CBN). The instructional video’s will show you how to activate the service as well as how to us the somewhat non-descript TV channel guide. You can review their sight at

As a side note, TKO does offer to sell a pre-programmed Firestick as well as a set top box. I have tested the Firestick and it works well (some buffering specific channels) however they have indicated that the set top box is much more user friendly with larger cache memory and less buffering (I have not tested this yet however). CBN will be offering the same products in the future however today all billing and technical support is provided by TKO.

Remember, today CBN cannot provide support for the product. If however you are wanting to cut the cord but still have access to all your NFL, MLB, movie and premium channels, as well as a large number of network TV channels world wide then this may well be what you have been looking for.

Please feel free to reach out to TKO or us at if you have questions or need any assistance with trying this service.


Billing System and Network monitoring system maintenance

We are performing server maintenance this evening on our network monitoring system and our billing system. Users may experience delays if they are attempting to access the system to pay their invoices. We expect the maintenance to be concluded by midnight. Internet and phone service will not be affected.

Should you have any questions or issues please feel free to reach out to us at 386-401-6825 ext 4.

Thank you for your understanding while we upgrade our back office systems to better serve our community.


New Service area opening in Woodstock

CBN is proud to announce that we will soon begin offering service East of the downtown area with our new Point of Presence (POP) installation on Neese Street thanks to the generous support of the city of Woodstock. Installation has begun and we anticipate our first service availability in that area within the next two to three weeks. We look forward to providing the surrounding community with a high quality and lower cost alternative.

New Service Available in OakHill

CBN is proud to announce two new point of presence (POP’s) in Oakhill, Fla. Our first is on River Road in OakHill and will serve the Oakhill fishcamps and restaurant area. We have been testing the site for over a month to ensure service quality and we are now confident our product.

The second is awaiting commercial power for activation and is located on US1 and Lagoon Ave and will allow us to serve areas closer to the OakHill city hall including Center, Hall and South Streets. We should have this service working by the end of the week.

We would like to thank all of our existing and potential customers for their support and patience as we continue to grow our network to better serve our community.

OakHill/Edgewater Fiber Outage

Final update -The AT&T outage ended at 9:34am this morning. At that time the majority of all customer services had been restored.

After the outage our automated system began updating the radio software which caused a minor issue with several voice customers. The result was a manual removal of the software from over 100 radio’s that took us until 3:30pm this afternoon and required several customer site visits.

To everyone who called and got a VM without a response call back, I apologize however I felt it more prudent to stay on the phone with AT&T until resolution. I did individually respond to text messages as I could and we tested every customer circuit to ensure service was restored.

To all of those that waited patiently for resolution I would like to extend a sincere appreciation for your patience and understanding. At this point all services have been restored to normal. Should anyone continue to have issues please e-mail, text or call and leave a VM. I will respond in the morning after I recover from the lack of sleep this overnight outage caused.


Update – 9:10am – AT&T has located the fiber breakage at the same location as the last breakage (Carter Cemetery Road). They are in the process of splicing the fibers now and we should be ready for testing again within the next hour. More to follow as we know it.


Yesterday at approximately 2pm the Internet backbone network provided by AT&T went down affecting both internet and phone service for all Edgewater/OakHill customers. We have worked thru the night in an effort to repair the network. At 4am this morning the AT&T technician determined that the fiber backbone had been damaged someplace between the CBN Head End and the OakHill AT&T office. They are dispatching a construction team to determine the exact location and affect repairs.

At this point in ti e we still have no exact expected time to repair. We will keep everyone posted.

For those customers with VoIP phone service, we can forward your service to your cell phone to ensure you do not miss your calls. Please reach out to us with your last name/phone number and the cell number you want to forward to and we will make certain that your calls are not missed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you we are doing everything we can to restore service.


Woodstock, Ga network outage

Service has been restored. Our vendor disconnected a port in error and has resolved the situation. All services should be back up. If anyone is still experiencing issues please reach out to us at 877-578-7780 option 4.


Our network monitoring system informs us that our Woodstock, Ga. network is currently down. All services are affected. We have reached out to our provider who is working the issue now. We will update the blog as soon as we know the issue and have an estimated time for restoration.