Resolving Firestick/FireTV app sound continues when you leave the app

Several Firestick and FireTV users have commented that when they leave an app (normally a music or TV app) the sound continues to play. Here is the Amazon recommended method for resolving the issue.

First we’ll want to restart the Fire TV fully. Do this from the power button or by unplugging and re-plugging in the power.

Next let’s clear the Cache and App data by going to Settings, then click Apps, go to Manage Installed Applications and choose Amazon Music. You’ll see a “Force Stop” option to choose on this screen; this will force stop all app activity, such as playing music.

To help in the future you can also disable auto-play from the home screen by scrolling to Settings, click on Preferences, then scroll and select Featured Content and turn off both “Allow Video to Play” and “Allow Audio to Play”.

Happy Listening!


Network upgrades performed on 1/3/19 in Oak Hill and Edgewater Fla.

CBN performed network switch upgrades on several of our POP sites today starting at 5am and ending at 8am. The upgrades were factory mandated to increase security to our devices as well as improve overall network performance. Each device took approximately 4 minutes to upgrade and were service affecting to the areas served.

Upgrades were concluded at 7:30am and testing was completed by 8am. All services are now functional and back in service. Thank you for your patience while we continue our efforts to bring you the best performance and highest reliability possible.

CBN OakHill/Edgewater outage on 12/6/18

Our OakHill/Edgewater network experienced a network outage last night (12/6) at approximately 9:38pm EST. A tech was dispatched to the head end site and resolved the issue at approximately 10:50pm EST. The issue was resolved and all services were restored.

After restoration the tech worked to determine the root cause of the outage and determined that our network was affected by a DDOS (denial of service) attach. The DDOS was caused by a malicious e-mail and/or website that was accessed by a device within our network and inadvertently gave access thru our firewalls to a malware site that began flooding our network with DDOS data packets. The tech remained onsite until 4am this morning testing and applying firewall patches to our router and switches to ensure that the offending IP addresses would no longer be able to gain access our network. These sort of malicious attaches are becoming more and more common and CBN works daily to block any and all such offending sites while continuing to ensure that our customers have access to any and all desired services.

We sincerely apologize for the outage and will continue doing everything possible to ensure that this sort of issue is mitigated as best we can.


CBN adds Hacienda Del Rio to our on-net list

After extensive testing with potential customers CBN has begun providing internet and VoIP service in Hacienda Del Rio.

Thank you to everyone that showed interest in our services and we look forward to providing you with high speed wireless internet, quality customer service and innovative OTA and internet based streaming and live TV services.

Visit us on our website at, like us on Facebook at @CommunityBroadbandNetworks or simply call us anytime.

Resetting the cache tore-activate channel guide on Firestick and FireTV subscribed to TKO TV service

For CBN customers who have purchased Firestick and FireTV and subscribed to the 3500 internet tv channels provided by TKO TV, you may at times experience a blank channel guide. This is due to a Firestick or FireTV memory cache issue with the TKO TV guide. Below is the procedure for resolving the cache issue:

  1. From the Home screen, scroll over to settings and select
  2. Scroll down then to the right to application manager and select
  3. Scroll down to Manage applications and select
  4. Scroll down to TKO TV app and select
  5. Scroll down to “Clear Cache” and select
  6. Scroll up to Close Program and select
  7. Now select Home and re-open TKO TV and the channels should appear in the guide

For anyone interested in a Firestick or FireTV for internet TV service please reach out to us for pricing and availability. For those who have the service and want a publiched channel guide please e-mail for a pdf file of the guide.