CBN Outage in Oakhill/Edgewater

UPDATE – The backhaul carrier has the service back up and everything should be back to normal. We are testing to ensure service now.

The issue appears to have occurred at 6:59am and was caused by a carrier router software upgrade that did not go as they planned. We apologize for the issue.
We have been notified that internet service is down in Edgewater & Oakhill, Florida. Upon reviewing it appears that our provider is down. We have a trouble ticket in with the provider and will be working it. At this time we have no idea on what the issue is nor when it will be repaired. We will update this page as things progress.


CBN Customer portal will be down for maintenance

The customer portal is again back in service after the upgrade. All systems are back in monitoring.
With the increase in cusotmer’s, radio’s, wifi and VoIP devices we need to make several upgrades to our customer billing portal. We are beginning the work shortly and should be done within the next two hours. The CBN customer portal will be down during this time. We will update the blog when the portal is back online.

Geneva Internet down due to DOS attach

After a dispatch to the site for hard re-sets and completely re-programming all equipment internet service to Geneva has been restored.The hackers have been blocked and we have added programming to ensure that these guys cannot get into the system again. We apologize for any issues this may have caused.


We are experiencing a DOS attach on our Geneva internet service. The hackers have managed to bring our core switch down. A technician is being contacted to go onsite and reboot the equipment to bring the service back up. We will notify the blog when the service is turned back up.

Edgewater/Oakhill service issue

We were notified this morning that the Edgewater/Oakhill system was not operational. We found that we were having an issue with our service provider. The issue started around 8:10am and appears to have been resolved around 9:02. The issue was intermittent causing service to go up and down. We are monitoring the system this morning to ensure that it has stabilized and have notified our provider. At this time all services appear to have been restored. If you are still noticing issues please notify us immediately at 386-401-6825.

Terra Mar POP2 maintenance

We will be performing maintenance on Terra Mar POP 2 today (2/9/18) around 1pm. The service could be down for as long a 60 minutes as we replace the backhaul radio with a higher power radio to improve performance. We will send a notice out after maintenance is completed.


Yesterday we attempted to implement a resolution to the occasional issues we have been experiencing on our POP2 in Terra Mar. The maintenance was planned to be routine and non-service affecting. During our work the main backhaul radio between POP2 and our Head End locked and we were unable to bring it back. We experienced a 30-40 minute outage while we searched for a replacement. A temporary replacement was installed until a new radio could be shipped in. Service was restored to most customers within an hour.

We apologize for the issue and believe we have now resolved long term that we have been experiencing with this site.

Terra Mar POP2 outage

Terra Mar POP is back in service and all customers should be back up. The technician found an in issue with our POP switch that has been repaired. He also found damage to our enclosure which has been temporarily repaired. We will be working on this facility this week to affect permanent repairs. This repair will require an outage of 1 hour or longer while we remove and replace the outdoor enclosure. A notice will be sent out when all material is in house and this work is scheduled.


Our monitoring system has just notified us that we are experiencing an outage in the Edgewater, Fla Terra Mar POP 2 site. A technician has been dispatched to repair the issue. An update will follow as soon as the issue is cleared.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will have this issue resolved shortly.


CBN outage notification


Service was restored at 9:53am The outage was caused by a Terra Mar maintenance worker who turned down power to the facility while he was replacing an outside light. Service was restored when our tech arrived on sight and notified the maintenance worker that our service was down.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Our monitoring system has detected an outage affecting a small group of customers being feed from Terra Mar POP 1 in Edgewater, Florida. The issue appears to be localized. Our technician has been notified and is dispatching to determine the issue. We will keep the blog informed as we resolve the issue.