CBN client portal and billing system implementation

To all Compass Broadband Network customers

CBN is pleased to announce that we have implemented our initial phase of our new online client portal and billing system (uCRM). The implementation of this client system will allow us to continue to keep our costs to our customers as low as possible.

You should be receiving an automated e-mail from the system with instructions on how to gain access to the system. Once you have accessed the system you can see all the pertinent information regarding your account with CBN. Starting the next billing cycle you will be receiving all your monthly invoices from the new system, review all previous billing as well as review your utilization on our network. The new system continues to utilize our existing credit card payment system and as always, no credit card information is retained by our systems (this is done for your protection as well as ours). This means that you will be required to enter your credit card information each time to pay your monthly bill.

In addition, the system will do automated billing reminder notifications and perform automated disconnects and re-connects based upon receipt of your monthly payments.

Please note that starting July 1 the system will disconnect you from the system if payment is not received. A re-connection fee will be applied for any account disconnected for payment issues.

Please feel free to browse the new system and provide any comments/input that might allow us to better serve you.

As always, the CBN family thanks each of you for the opportunity to be of service and we look forward to providing additional improvements going forward.



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