Current OTA available Digital TV channels

Just in case there is any interest, below you will find the current Digital channel line up that is available for free using only an external TV antenna. This channel line up covers all of the network channels and provides a great reason for leaving your cable bill behind you.

What digital channels can you pick up on your over-the-air antenna in Orlando

WESH — Hearst-owned NBC affiliate

2.1 WESH-NBC (1080i)
2.2 MeTV (480i)
WKMG — Graham Media Group owned CBS affiliate

6.1 WKMG-CBS (1080i)
6.2 Cozi TV (480i)
6.3 Heartland (480i)
WFTV — Cox-owned ABC affiliate

9.1 WFTV-ABC (720p)
9.2 Mega TV (480i)
9.3 Laff (480i)
WDSC — Daytona State College educational station

15.1 WDSC-Educational (1080i)
15.2 Florida Channel (480i)
15.3 WorldView (480i)
WKCF — Hearst-owned CW affiliate (sister to WESH)

18.1 WKCF-CW (1080i)
18.2 This Orlando (480i)
18.3 Estrella (480i)
WUCF — University of Central Florida PBS affiliate

24.1 WUCF-PBS (1080i)
24.1 WUCF Create (480i)
24.3 WUCF World (480i)
24.4 V-Me (480i)
WVEN — Univision

26.1 WVEN-Univision (1080i)
26.2 LATV (480i)
WRDQ — Cox-owned independent (sister to WFTV)

27.1 WRDQ-Independent (720p)
27.2 Antenna TV (480i)
27.3 xx Not Active
27.4 Grit TV (480i)
WTMO — Telemundo affiliate

31.1 XX Not Active
31.2 WTMO-Telemundo (480i)
WOFL — Fox-owned station

35.1 WOFL-Fox (720p)
WOTF — UniMas

43.1 WOTF-UniMas (1080i)
43.2 Get TV (480i)
43.4 Escape (480i)
WTGL — Religious

45.1 WTGL-Religious Independent (720p)
45.2 Nacion (480i)
45.3 Aliento (480i)
45.4 CTNi (480i)
WDTO — Independent

50.1 WDTO-Daystar (1080i)
WHLV — Religious/TBN

52.1 WHLV-TBN (480i)
52.2 Church (480i)
53.3 JUCE (480i)
52.4 Enlace (480i)
52.5 SOAC (480i)
WACX — Religious

55.1 WACX Religious Independent (480i)
55.2 Go (480i)
55.3 Mundial (480i)
55.4 Religious (480i)
55.5 Vida Vision (480i)
55.6 Guia Local (480i)
WOPX — ION Network

56.1 ION TV (720p)
56.2 Qubo (480i)
56.3 IONLife (480i)
56.4 Shopping (480i)
56.5 QVC (480i)
56.6 Home Shopping Network (480i)
WRBW — Fox-owned MyNetwork Tv station

65.1 WRBW-MyNetwork TV (720p)
65.2 Movies! (480i)
65.3 Bounce TV (480i)
WEFS — Educational TV from East Florida State College

68.1 WEFS-Educational (1080i)
68.2 ARTS (480i)
68.3 NASA TV (480i)
68.4 Florida Channel (480i)


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