Internet TV products for your smart or not so smart devices

The biggest challenge for residential users today is the high cost of internet, telephone and cable TV service. Compass is working hard to bring our customers solutions to dramatically reduce or even eliminate this cost. We are working hard to bring you high quality wireless internet service and allow you to cut the cord from your current provider(s). Many customers have asked “how do I replace my current cable TV service?” Well below are a few alternatives I have found and use that are either free or significantly lower cost than your current providers services.

Internet home phone service

After reviewing the costs of phone service I have found a simple and inexpensive way to get your phone over our wireless internet. Vonage offers traditional residential service over the internet for as little at $9.99 per month (with a 12 month contract, $24.99 per month with no contract). I have tested it and it works perfectly. Here is how it works and what you can get from them:

Go to – select the Limited Hone Phone Offer. (When ordering use promo code “MYFREEPHONES” and they will provide a free Motorola wireless phone for just $9.99 shipping).

Vonage provides a small box (VoIP router) that will plug into your existing wireless router. Plug it in and then plug the phone into the Vonage box. Everything is pre-programmed including your phone number. Want to keep your existing phone number. Vonage can port (move) your existing home phone number to their system. With the NEW Vonage® North America plan, get unlimited¹ calling using your home or mobile phone across the U.S. (including Puerto Rico), Canada and now Mexico too. Plus, get great low international rates across the world.

Vonage® North America gives you:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • NEW! Unlimited calling to Mexico. Plus Canada & Puerto Rico.
  • Unlimited calling from Mexico with Vonage access numbers See how
  • Link your home phone service and up to two smartphones
  • Save your mobile minutes with free Wi-Fi calling
  • Over 20 premium calling features
  • Keep your number for free


Internet TV

Most users want to replace their current high CATV bill with a free or near free experience. Our first suggestion is to install an external Digital TV antenna outside. Doing so will get you between 52 & 62 over the air HDTV channels including all of the major networks. Compass can order your antenna and install if for you. Just ask for details and pricing. Want more? Try one of the following:

For smart TV users, check out the apps your TV manufacturer provides or allows you to download to you smart tv. Many manufactures provide live news, weather and in some cases live content providers at no cost. Some of the best apps are:

Livestream – at – provides hundreds of live news feeds for free

Sling TV – – provides pay packages that offer network channels along with premium providers such as ESPN with packages starting at $20 per month for 30 channels.

DirectTV NOW –

Offering 60+ channels starting at $35 per month. Add STARZ, HBO or Cinamax for additional fee’s

Vidgo – – similar to Sling in pricing and structure however they are just getting started.

For standard TV users

I personally recommend Roku. It is a small (wired or wireless) internet conversion box that makes your standard TV into a smart TV. The box will cost you anywhere from $49 to $109 dollars (depending on the box features you want). They offer over 150 free downloads including many network, news, weather and movie feeds. In addition you can add paid premium services such as Sling or Vidgo for the providers monthly fee’s. NOTE_-I personally have 3 Roku’s and they work great. Go to for info. You can purchase these boxes at places like Best Buy or have it shipped to you.

Apple TV – – similar to the Roku with a little less free content and a lot more pay content

Amazon Firestik –

From $39 to $109 this works perfectly. Add Amazon Prime Video and never watch CATV again.


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